Prairie Grove Police Department has a number of Divisions. All of which has specific tasks and duties to uphold. Throughout the years more and more departments have been added to open up new opportunities for the City of Prairie Grove to grow and support our citizens. We are continuing our move forward to meet all of the goals set forth by you the citizens of Prairie Grove.


The Prairie Grove Police Department maintains three patrol shifts. Officers on patrol are the backbone of the department answering calls for service and assisting our citizens 24 hours a day. The department answers its own-emergency telephone line and 911 emergency calls are dispatched through the Washington County Sheriff's Office. The department has an authorized strength of 10 full time officers and a part time office clerk.


The Prairie Grove Police Department has a member assigned as a full time detective. The detective is responsible for all criminal investigations, warrants and sex offender registration.

Specialized Units

The Prairie Grove Police Department utilizes bicycle patrol on a part time basis during special community events. The school resource officer is currently assigned to this unit and utilizes the bicycle to patrol campus during football games and other school events. The Department also utilizes an ATV patrol during larger scale community events (Clothes Line Fair).

Part Time Divisions

The Prairie Grove Police Department currently has two part time officers. These officers assist the department during parades, festivals, school and other special events. They assist the patrol division by riding with full time officers on patrol and are available to work a patrol shift as needed.

Drug Task Force

The Prairie Grove Police Department is an active member of the Fourth Judicial District Drug Task Force. The fourth Judicial Drug Task Force program provides the initial and follow-up investigations concerning drug related crime/intelligence reports from Patrol, other law enforcement agencies, and general public. The Fourth Judicial District Drug Task Force is a bi-county task force that’s jurisdiction encompasses Washington and Madison Counties. The Task Force is made up of investigators from Fayetteville, Springdale, Prairie Grove, West Fork, Johnson, Lincoln, Greenland, Farmington, Elm Springs, Elkins and the University of Arkansas Police Departments, and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

The Fayetteville Police Department is a lead agency for the Fourth Judicial District Drug Task Force and the Fayetteville Chief of Police is the chairman. The Prairie Grove Chief of Police sits on the Task Force board and the Prairie Grove Police Department assigns one of its members as a Task Force Detective. The Prairie Grove Detective represents and is the investigator for eight of the task force member cities.

Detectives assigned to this Task Force are trained narcotics investigators and their primary duties are to investigate leads concerning the illicit manufacturing, distribution and use of controlled substances not limited to, but including methamphetamine labs, cocaine, crack, ecstasy, heroin, opium, and/or all controlled substances in violation of Arkansas Statute 5-64-401. Their duties also include targeting organized crime narcotics traffickers, conspirators, offenders, and offenders though investigation, arrest, and preparation for prosecution.

The Fourth Judicial District Drug Rask Force and be contacted by calling the Fayetteville Police Department at 479- 587-3555 or 479-587-3220. Anonymous tips can be made by calling the Drug Task Force or Crime Stoppers at 877-842-8200. The Prairie Grove Police Department will forward any related information to our detective or he can contact you directly.